Frequently Asked Questions

If none of these questions answer your issue, feel free to contact us from the feedback section of the app.

How can I import a GPX or KML file?

So you've got a (GPX or KML) route that you got from a friend, a cycling club, etc, that you want to ride. No problem! CycleMaps will allow you to import the file, and will even find you a path from your current location to the start of your ride! You have a couple of options to import the file.
Opening a gpx file from an email
Opening a gpx file from an email
Opening a gpx file from a web browser
Opening a gpx file in CycleMaps

What do the satellite icons mean?

If you're riding a long route and want CycleMaps to track you, you can use the satellite icon in the top right. If backround tracking is enabled , CycleMaps will keep tracking you and your stats even when you turn the screen off to conserve battery. You can then turn it on when you want to see more information. If you have a Pebble you can use that mode to track you on your watch even when your screen is off. Tap the icon again to disable background tracking.

How can I connect my Pebble to CycleMaps?

CycleMaps is what Pebble terms a companion app. You do not need an extra app to install on your smartwatch. Simply make sure that your watch is connected to your phone and that Pebble support is enabled in CycleMaps. As soon as you get a route and start cycling, you should get your stats on your Pebble!
Enabling Pebble support on your phone
Running CycleMaps on your Pebble

I can't create an account / I'm having issues logging in.

Thank you for choosing to create an account. This will allow you to share your favourite routes with all your devices. If you have issues logging in:

Can I ride offline?

Yes you can! If you have found the perfect route that you want to ride, but will not be online for part or even all of the route, do not fret. Due to licensing issues, we cannot provide you with offline maps using Apple or Google maps but we can with the Open Cycle Map project. So to construct a route and then ride it offline: When it's time to ride, load up the route from the favourites menu and start cycling. And of course, enjoy!
Selecting Show Cycle Paths map type
Making a route a favourite
Viewing a favourite