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Hello - We're Stef & Paola. We go everywhere by bike, all year long, rain or shine. We started CycleMaps because we love cycling and technology. And we want to use technology to ride safely.

We live in a busy city and did not particularly enjoy cycling in dangerous main roads with lots of traffic. Sometimes we avoided cycling because we did not know how to get to our destination without riding through the main city arteries. Sounds familiar?

With this in mind we came up with CycleMaps to help us and our fellow cyclists to find nice, quiet and safe routes through small streets and cycle paths.

CycleMaps shows your position on the route on a moving map. Knowing ahead where your next turn is helps you not to hesitate and be more assertive on the road. And therefore helps you stay safe!

We constantly test CycleMaps as we use it every day, we keep it updated and improve it to incorporate new features. We really want your feedback, so if you want a new feature added, please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you and enjoy your rides!

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